Greater Harvest Church & the Fairview Community Center are affiliates of Greater Harvest Community Development Outreach, Inc., a 501 (c)(3)  nonprofit organization. Our organization strives to provide outreach services and suppoprt to our local and regional communities. We provide a community church ministry, a community center, and a variety of outreach programs, such as a food pantry and an event rental facility. Greater Harvest Church  provides an anchor to local residents who want to be part of a strong and stable church family. The Fairview Community Center offers support services to members of our community who need a venue to host their special events. Our mission is to offer the services that are desired and needed within our community!

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God has been so good to me...I can't express it all...

Claudine S..


Our God is a Healer. The joy we get from knowing our Lord gives us strength!

Renee B..